How to turn off your water.

During the cold spells, if you are experiencing issues with frozen pipes, please contact a plumber.  Customers are required to have their own shut off valve on their side of the meter.  To turn of water, you will locate the valve in the meter box on your side of the meter.  Some valves actually have a handle or round knob you can easily turn.  Some have what is called an Angle Stop that has a ring attached to it.  You will also see a ring just below it.  To turn the top part, you will need either a hand held wrench or a T wrench.  All of these can be puchased at your local hardware store.  Simply turn the top part of the valve to the right until it meets up with the bottom part of the valve with the ring.  You will see your dial stop moving once it is fully off.  If you have questions or concerns, you are welcome to call the office at (817) 295-2131.