New Service Request

Welcome to the Bethesda Water Supply Corporation Community. 

For a new meter, please contact our Service Department to determine if service can be provided and a cost.

If you are inquiring about dividing up land into 2 or more parcels or developing a subdivision, please refer to our News & Notices Tab for further information

When applying for New Service/Membership, please provide the following:

  • Provide proof of ownership via a Warranty Deed.  Memberships can be transfered or reinstated. (depending on circumstances)   ***If the Warranty Deed is in the name of a company, we must have a legal recordable document that states who is authorized to sign on behalf of the company.***                     
  • Membership paperwork must be completed by all parties listed on Warranty Deed as Grantees.  You may come into our office to complete the paperwork or print it from our website, but please know, some of the documents must be witnessed & notarized and original signatures are required when submitting the paperwork.   ***Bethesda Water Supply has notarys***.
  • Transfering Membership into your name is a cost of $15.00. 
  • Reinstating a Membership is $150.00. 
  • CSI Inspection $100.


For new homes or remodels, Customer Service Inspections (CSI's) and/or Backflows are required once the home/business is completed in order for Bethesda Water Supply to stay TCEQ compliant.  Cost for an inspection is $100.  To find further information regarding this, you may visit 

  • Bethesda Water Supply has contracted with Hardin & Associates to perform all CSI Inspections.  The cost for inspection is now included with the cost of a new meter.  To schedule a CSI Inspection, you must either call Hardin & Associates at (972) 823-8800, email or schedule online at

Until Bethesda Water Supply receives CSI Inspection & Backflow forms, temporary accounts will be established.  Accounts will not have established Memberships or be transferable until all forms are completed and received. 

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our office at (817) 295-2131.

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